Neil's happenin'Historic Island Hops


If you thought exploring historic sites couldn't get any more exciting, think again! It never really feels like a proper adventure until you're on an island, right? So here are some of my favourite Scottish spots worth jumping on a boat for...

Inchcolm Abbey

Now this is a beauty! Set sail for Inchcolm from South Queensferry, and take in the magnificent bridges on your way across the Forth. Once you get to Inchcolm, there is such a mix of history built around the island to explore!

Inchmahome Priory

Inchmahome is a cracker - but it shuts from November through to the end of March, so definitely one for the summer! Whenever you do go, there are plenty of quirky facts to take away with you! It sits in the only lake in Scotland, for example!

There was a real atmosphere about Inchmahome - we loved it!

Threave Castle

Just a quick hop across the River Dee takes you to Archibald the Grim’s massive tower house. Built in 1369, it’s the same height as a modern 10-storey block of flats!