Ryan's trip throughlost Edinburgh


In Edinburgh for the day? Whether you are local or just visiting, why not take in an alternative view of the city with this guide to 'Lost Edinburgh'!

A Changing City

Think you know Edinburgh? Think again! In many ways, there are actually three Edinburghs: the city as it was, the city as it is today, and Lost Edinburgh - the city it might have been! Why not take a wander and see what you recognise!

Waverley Station

If you're visiting for the day, it's more than likely you'll arrive via Waverley Station. If you do, can you figure out where this is on your way out?

North Bridge

If you leave Waverley and head up onto Princes Street, have a look back across North Bridge. Here's a look at two iconic Edinburgh buildings before they existed in their current form!

Princes Street

Heading west? Take the scenic route along Princes Street, and see if you recognise any of these landmarks!