Ali's epicCoastal Castles


The east of Scotland is home to some of the most breathtaking coastal castles around! Whether you're out for the day, or making a trip across the country - here are my must-sees!

Broughty Castle

Out and about near Dundee? Take a strategic trip to the ‘strong point on the Tay’ - where Broughty Castle was built to help defend the nation against a gathering English navy!

Blackness Castle

You can't visit the Firth of Forth without stopping by Blackness Castle! Mighty fortifications make this 15th-century castle look like a ‘ship that never sailed’. It was originally a peaceful lordly residence, however, its enduring roles were as a garrison fortress and state prison...

Did you know?

Blackness Castle has become a popular filming location, starring in productions such as 'Outlander', 'Outlaw King' and now 'Mary Queen of Scots'! Star-struck much??

St Andrews Castle

If you fancy exploring Fife - check out a castle caught up in the Protestant Reformation's struggle for hearts and minds. St Andrews Castle was a bishop’s palace, a fortress, and a state prison during its 450-year history!

Tantallon Castle

Climb to the battlements of the last of Scotland's grand medieval castles and marvel at its scale! While you're there, you can enjoy amazing views over the North Sea to the Bass Rock - and its large seabird colonies!

Make the most of the coast!

If you're visiting Scotland on a short trip, and you want to see as many amazing castles as you can, I'd recommend an Explorer Pass! For history-hunters looking to explore all year round, you should maybe look into a Historic Scotland Membership!